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本次精读的文章Learning to fight the next pandemic源自4月25日的『The Economist』的Science & Technology板块,在这篇文章中『The Economist』邀请了Bill Gates,讲述了COVID-19的疫情给现在的人们带来的启示,指明了未来可能的发展方向。

Bill Gates



Part 1 在文中,Gates认为尽管目前欧洲、东亚、北美等地新冠病毒感染人数的增长高峰已过,但是人们仍然不能放松警惕(直到大部分人都注射疫苗之前);需要尤其关注应该是欠发达地区,这些地区的医疗水平(the level of health-care)较低,社会隔离(social-distancing)执行力度不足,因此很有可能成为病毒爆发的中心(the epicenter of the outbreak of the virus)。

Part 2 Gates认为此次的疫情是一次机遇,其带来了在医疗方面的三个突破(breakthrough),分别是新的制造疫苗的技术的出现、检测病毒手段的升级以及对抗病毒药物的重视。

Part 3 这次的疫情证明了人类之间是相互联系的,谁也不能避免,因此各个国家、地区应该互相帮助(即使奉行孤立主义的国家和自私自利的人也应该这么做),共同抗击目前及未来的困难。



The article implies that all the people on the earth are tightly connected biologically because such viruses as SARS, MERS and COVID-19 never obey the border law. Hence individuals of different nations, races and religions are supposed to forgo biased views, work together and fight against the hardships ahead, thus creating a better world. I believe that enlightened by this global medical emergency, people in decades ahead will increasingly seek for multilateral cooperations pro bono publico, bridging the cultural, economical, political gulf between one and another, preventing the pandemic of the sort from spreading the globe again.

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